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Shri. Vellapally Nadesan is the General Secretary of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam, the social organisation of millions of Ezhavas in Kerala. He hails from kanichukulngara, Alappuzha district of Kerala. He is one of the notable Liquor barons in Kerala as well.

Vellapally Natesan Born as one of the 13 children of Late Vellappally Kesavan Muthalaly, of rich vellapally family who were land-lords of the locality. The family were owning a school and a devi temple at kanichukulngara. Now Vellapally Natesan is General Secretary of the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam and SN Trust. He popularly known as "Vellapally" and played the recent major role in bringing up the Ezhava community as a politically strong group in Kerala.

Vellappally Natesan - A man with a mission

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Vellappally Natesan - A man with a mission

Sri . Vellappally Natesan, a great man with a mission and a rare breed of personality who acquired the post of General Secretary of SNDP Yogam, the post graced by the great poet Kumaranasan and Sri R.Sankar the former chief minister of Kerala.

Sri Natesan was born in 1937 at Kanichukulangara near Cherthala. He was born as the elder son of the twins to the couples sri Vellappally Kesavan Muthalali and smt Devaki Amma. The twins were named in the name of god Paramasiva. The elder one is Natesan and the younger one is Natarajan.

Vellappally Kesavan muthalali was the land lord in Kanichukulangara with coir related business and to this rich environment Nateasan was born. Natesan was the smartest child of all his brothers and sisters viz.Pangajakshi, Mohandas, Ambujakshy, Maniyamma, Vilasini, Vinodini, Natarajan, Ramachndran, Sundaresan, Kamalamma, Subakesan.

The in born leadership qualities of Natesan made him a leader in the school and his boldness led him to become a person with integrity and character even in the young age it self. He became the school leader as KSU candidate where most of the pupils were from the communist families . It was his charismatic approach and the leadership qualities that led him to win even in this adverse situation. In the early age it self Natesan was striving for the society involving in various social empowerment activities and had concern for the problems of the society in which he lived. Even if born to a land lord and had no need for direct involvement of the society.He like to be a part the society His attitude to empower the people led to be concept which led to a self sustainable culture. This happened to become a breed of the concept implementation of microfinance of the SNDP Union which now gives life to lakhs of families in Kerala. Nothing but his social involvement created Tagore dance academy and Togore library at Kanichukulangara.

In the young age of Natesan Sri. R Sankar used to visit his father. This might have created an influence of Sreenarayana darshan to Vellappally at that age.

The Young Social Reformer

Even in the school days It self Natesan was a fighter for justice. As young Natesan and his commitment to the society and his vision of social justice forced him to become the a part of the society as a social reformer

Think of a Panchayath war election where sri.Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, Smt K.R.Gowri and Smt Suseela Gopalan and others came for campaining ,yes at the age of 25 Sri Vellappally Natesan contested in a panchayath election at Kanichukulangara with Charragatu Kochukuttan Muthalali as Opposition. His mind set a reformer and his entry to the public life was through this panchyath election. Even if he lost by six votes ,that election gave him energy to creations of burning desire of life

To the fighting waves

The Kanichukulangara Devi temple was at that time accessible only to the land lords and rich people of the community. The common people of Kanichukulangara were not permitted to enter the temple and pay prayers to the devi. Sri Vellappally, a great man who always stood for social justice could not stay long as a viewer for this discrimination

The Communist party was flourishing in Cherthala and in the surroundings area at that time. Natesan an in born social reformer could not keep moving away from the communist party. The ordinary people in Kanichukulangara rightly found Natesan a leader who could get justicefor them. Thus at the early age of 26 Natesan became the President of Kanichukulangara Devaswam with his leader ship qualities and he had continued to remain to the president for 43 years now. The will and the courage of Vellappally Natesan to stop "Velapadayani" at Kanichukulangara temple was remarkable

With the SNDP Yogam

Mr MK Raghavan, One of the visionary leaders of SNDP yogam recognized the leadership qualities and organizational skills of Vellappally and made him the chief organizer of his insuing election to the SNDP yogam. An inborn fighter and a man destined to win, Vellappaly full filled his responsibility well enabling Mr MK Raghavan to win in a massive margin. This brought Vellappally close to SNDP yogam and he was fascinated by the commitment of the yogam to the up liftment of the back ward classes of the country

In 1995. Sri Vellappally Natesan became the secretary of SN Trust and Saswathekanantha Swami. That time saw future of SNDP which is in the stage of loosing it Charisma due to lack of power full leaders see the future in Vellappally and managed him to become the General Secretary of the SNDP yogam. And Now under the leader ship Vellapplay. The SNDP Yogam has became the destiny of Back ward classes in general and Ezhava community in Particular. In this time of Globalization The Yellow flag of SNDP Yogam has become the proud privilege of all Ezhavas in world

Even before becoming th general Secretary of SNDP yogam. Vellappally has the great concern over the community and courage to lead.In the controversial TV Puram issue Even the SNDP Yogam officials kept mum. It was none other that Vellappaly who involved in the issue and kept the interests of the society even though he was not an official office bearer of SNDP Yogam. The Innovations for Social justice he repeats here with his revolutionary concept of Microfinance. with which thousands of families are coming out of poverty in the community and with creating efforts for the empowerment of socially back ward ezhava community


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Sri. Vellappally Natesan is the Managing Director of Vellapplly Natesan and Company Ltd, one of the largest contracting companies in south India. He began his business as a contractor with PWD and he was considered one of the best contractors of his era.

He began his second phase of contracting career with Indian railways. The confidence that Mr Vellappally Natesan has built in the mind sets of the Mr E. Sreedharan the chief of Kongan Railway, his reference with Vellappally Nateasan has brought opportunities of big contract works even from North India. The confidence that Mt Vellappally built in the authorities of railways for quality constructions at reasonable cost made. Mr Vellappally to become the one of largest contractors with railways in India. His company is also involved in NTPC Construction at Kayamkulam , Dronacharya Complex of Military Engineering Services and National Highways


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The family of Sri. Vellappally Natesan consists of his wife Preethi Natesan, Thushar his son and his daughter Vandana. His wife Preethi is the light behind any brightness of Vellappaly Natesan.

They got married in13 the July 1967. Their son Thushar is one of the fast growing business man based in Dubai. He is happily leading a married life with Asha, his wife and the couple has a son Devan and a daughter Devi. Thushar was a sports man and the winner in Javelin throw in National Schools Meet. Now he is the president of the SNDP Youth Movement.

Vandana is an engineering gradudte happily married to Sreekumar, who is an Engineer in Singapore and having a son Jeevan.


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Vellappally House,
Kanichukulangara P.O.
Alappuzha Dist.
Ph : 0478 2862322, 2862225
Email : contact@Vellappallynatesan.info